Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Pre-Construction/Flooring Meeting

Today we bookended our usual Wednesday workday with two separate housing meetings.  We attended our pre-construction meeting this morning at the Ryan Homes Venice model home, and then had our flooring meeting at Advanced Flooring and Design.  With a great deal of coffee, we managed to make it out of both meetings alive and with an even better picture of what the interior of our future home was going to look like.  We have detailed our decorative choices for the home below:

Main Floor:
-Hand Scraped Engineered Hardwood (Fall Canyon)
-Kitchen Countertops (Rushmore Painted Linen)
-Kitchen Granite (Santa Cecelia Light)

-Carpet-Level B (Graystone: Amazing Greige)
-Padding (Forest-Middle Tier)

-Carpet-Level B (Graystone: Amazing Greige)
-Padding (Viscobond-Memory Foam)

Basement+"Future Kids"/Guest Bath:
-Shower Tile (6X6 Semi Gloss White)
-Floor Tile (6X6 Matte White)
-Vanity (Cherry Bordeaux)
-Countertop (White Cultured Marble)

Master Bath:
-Shower Tile (Polaris Gloss White 9X12)
-Floor Tile (Parkway Grey 12X12)
-Accent Tile (CW28 Wave)
-Vanity (Cherry Bordeaux)
-Countertop (White Cultured Marble)

Laundry Room:
-Floor Tile (Sandalo Castilian Gray)

Pre-Construction Questions/Answers
Living Room (Office)
-Will this room come with a ceiling light? No, but there is one in the entry way and a switched outlet for a desk lamp 

Family Room
-Can we lower the mantle on the fireplace (for TV mounting)? Yes
-Will there be a bump out from fire place? (for future deck placement): Yes 24” bump out 
-Will there be a blower for the fireplace?: No 

-Outlet in cabinet for putting under cabinet lighting in after closing: Yes  
-Can I pick my own granite slab? (We want the non yellowish Santa Cecelia): No but promised it would be will be light/ not yellow
-Can we request that they not add a granite lip? Yes 
-Can we move the cabinets above the refrigerator so that they are flush with the wall?  Not flush but as close as they can get it so that the cabinets will still open all the way. 
- Height of the counter/island? (for stools)- Standard countertop height 

Morning Room
-What type of door to the outside (sliding or patio?): patio

Master Bedroom
-Can they raise the shelving in the closet? Yes
-Will closet have lighting? Yes 

Master Bathroom
-What is the height of shower head? Can it be raised? Yes, they will raise it as much as they can
-Can we add a bench in the shower? NO :(

-Will there be an outlet in the unfinished area for media closet/future bedroom? Yes
-Where is the door going to be located? Far right (sliding) 
-Window in unfinished area? 2 full sized windows 
- Can we section off the utilities? All in one area but will not be drywalled into their own room

 General Questions
-Will there be insulation around water pipes? (We do not want to hear running water throughout the house): No but it wont be a problem 
-Bib locations: front and back 
- Outdoor outlets-how many? Front door, basement door, morning room door
-Where will the attic access be located?  Laundry Room 
-Will landscaping be installed before or after closing?  After
-Smooth or rough ceilings? Smooth
-Lawn- seeded or sod? Sod
-Rock/straw removal before laying SOD: Yes 
-Will we have any ugly utility meters in our yard? NO
-Total square footage of our home? 3,025
-Dual Zone HVAC? No, Single
-Paint color on walls?  Divine White (not pure white)