Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Maggie Lends a Paw

Heather and I enjoyed finalizing all of our exterior and interior options at our finishing meeting today.  Upon relaxing on the couch after our meeting, we realized that one of our furry children, Maggie, had positioned herself on top of all of our paperwork.  As Maggie isn't always the most sociable of cats, we took this as a sign that she was excited for our family's new home and wanted to help out her human parents however she could!

...or perhaps she just enjoys the feeling of sleeping on top of paper.  Either way, I'd like to think that our little Maggie is just dreaming about our future home and all of the space she will have to run around and play with her brother.  We'll have to ensure that we keep these little guys in mind as we continue to plan our construction!