Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Well, it's been a while since we last posted an update on our home and that is because not much progress has been made thus far :( we still have a lovely pile of dirt anxiously awaiting a foundation. We found out the delay is due to some information they found out about the soil on our land. The good news is that our landscaping will look beautiful because the soil is rich and soft but the bad news is that they were having a hard time figuring out a way to lay the foundation to minimize future settling. Well our PM contacted a company that specializes in helical pier foundation systems and they are set to install our piers at the end of this week. Although we are disappointed in the progress that has currently been made, we are happy to know that our house will sit on a solid foundation (thanks to the lovely engineer that designed it for us). Hopefully we will have a foundation by the end of the work week.